Passive House and Green Remodeling

SOME FOLLOW-UP on the “classic bungalow” project. It’s difficult enough to build a new Passive House–at least for someone (like me) who hasn’t built one yet –but to remodel an existing house to Passive House standards is, well, infernally difficult.  And to take a house in a historic district, where there are limitations to changes can read more


What A Green Builder Can and Cannot Do

A Classic Bungalow Made As Green As Green Can Be But…. photos by Ken Wyner A LITTLE OVER A YEAR AGO we completed a major renovation and addition project for a vintage bungalow in the Takoma Park, Maryland Historic District.  We made some minor changes to the interior walls, popped up the back half of read more


Does A Passive House Have To Look Weird?

The short answer is, no. The “Tyranny” of Passive House In his Discourses, Plato has Hippias The Sage assert that “…law is the tyrant of mankind, and often compels us to do many things which are against nature.” The Passive House system is truly rigorous.  Often it requires modifying a decision or restraining an impulse read more


Launching a New Passive House In Maryland

A Green Builder’s Dream Come True At long last, plans for my first Passive House—a new home in Derwood, Maryland for Anne and Elliot Grant—are ready to submit for a building permit.  It is truly exciting to have clients who are committed to what is possibly the highest standard for sustainable design:  the Passive house read more


My friend Joe

My dear friend Joe Gilday–who created this marvelous website–is trying to teach me how how to use keywords in these blog postings, so my random utterings will not sink unread into the murky depths of the internet.  He seems to think I am resistant, however.  This is my perspective: All this KEYWORD jazz is lamentable, read more


Green Builder Says Conventional Home Building Is Broken

My Inner Green Builder Cries Foul EARLIER THIS WEEK I had occasion to visit the home of a distant relative, the brother of a cousin’s wife, someone I barely know.  The man is a physician, a specialist, and it is clear from his home and its contents that his world is about his family, his read more