The essence of Passive House–or any kind of excellence in building–is attention to detail.  Here is a prime example:  air tight design, even under a concrete slab.  If there is any hope hitting that hitting that important mark of 0.6 ACH@50PA–almost hermetic construction–it will be achieved by sealing every penetration in the building envelope.  



Work on the Passive House continues in Derwood, Maryland. The rough plumbing that goes under the slab–or “groundworks”–is now in place. You can see stubs of white pipes sticking up where the bathroom, powder room, kitchen, and laundry are located. The interior of the foundation has been backfilled with gravel, and is now being capped read more


“there is no separation between sustainability and design excellence”

From some comments on what underlies sustainable design by William Leddy, FAIA. Although he does not mention them by name, Leddy puts into perspective our arguably exaggerated emphasis on green certification programs such as LEED and Passive House: “‘Green’ design is ‘good’ design…Sustainable design isn’t just about engineering and building codes. It isn’t just about read more


New Passive House Under Way in Derwood, Maryland

One of the most gratifying moments in the course of any project–whether for a new home or an addition–is that point when the foundation is in place. The design has long been completed, and has been finally approved by Montgomery County. The Passive House analysis and design features have been precertified by PHIUS. The bank has read more


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