Green Remodel and Addition Project Achieves an Arlington Green Home Choice Award

ALL PHOTOS BY KEN WYNER Here are photos of a recently completed energy efficient remodeling and addition project in Arlington, Virginia.  The project earned a Silver Award in the county’s Green Home Choice program. The project included a three story addition, as well as a remodeled kitchen, and other improvements to the existing house.  Features read more


Sustainable Design: New Green Home Sits Gently On Sensitive Site

As green remodeling is by its nature limited to making improvements somewhat piece meal, the opportunity to build green from the ground up is a wonderful opportunity to take a holistic approach that opens the doors to a full range of sustainable design and green building techniques. Because this project called for a new custom read more


Passive Solar Addition Keeps Home Warm and Cool Naturally

The guiding principle of this three-story home addition project is its passive solar design.   Passive solar follows one of the first and most simple rules of sustainable design and green building.  That is to orient windows and walls to take advantage of the natural lighting, heating and cooling effects of the building site.   Deep read more


Clean Green Kitchen Remodel Transforms Sligo Creek Hills Condo

Living Large In A Small Footprint This remodeling project involved not only a green kitchen remodel but also the greening of an entire condominium unit.  It came from a couple’s desire to soften their impact on the Earth.  Theirs is certainly not the right choice for everyone but it was a change they felt ready read more


Green Roof Cools Home Addition in Takoma Park

Note: Alan Abrams designed this project on behalf of Heritage Building & Renovation, Inc. The decision to employ a green roof strategy on this project located near Washington DC evolved naturally from the objectives put to us by the client.  Those were: To create “a meaningful place” for the client’s string quartet to practice and read more


A Little Addition Achieves Net Zero Energy

Net Zero Energy Addition: An Addition that Subtracts Energy Costs Our subject for this project was a little house located in the heart of the Takoma Park historic district.  Our objective was to achieve a very high standard of energy efficiency.  Converting an existing screen porch into a sitting room we would increase the living read more