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Ken Wyner and Alice Ng

ken and alice

One of the great joys of this field is working with talented and inspired artists and craftspeople. Ken Wyner has never driven a nail on any of my projects, but he has become an essential part of the process.

Most directly, he is a window to the outside world. Without the images he creates of these projects, whatever flame that is within this lantern remains under a basket. Insofar as what I do is a business–which that relies on getting the word out to the public–Ken provides a critical service.

More importantly, however, is the vision his camera brings to life. He explores the spaces we design and build, and reinterprets it in abstraction–color, texture, light and shadow–and most essential to architecture–its geometry. He shows us what we have struggled to create–in small scale, in the flickering computer screen–and out on a naked patch of earth, one shovel, one plank, one nail at a time. Over the months and years it takes to bring a project to fruition, we tend to lose sight of its essence, its totality, its details. Ken brings all that back out again, vivid and fresh, finding perspectives and elements we never even anticipated.

More recently, Ken has introduced us to Alice Ng. Alice brings a unique vision to her lens, showing us the natural world in a range of scale–a forested horizon, or a reflection in a tiny puddle. These images clarify and distill what I try hardest to express: our miraculous relationship to nature. So it only seemed natural to include some of her images on this website.

It’s not only their vision, but their love (Alice and Ken were married late last year) and friendship that inspires. Please enjoy more of their images at: