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Net Zero Energy Additions

Net Zero Energy Home Addition: Get More Room For Less Energy

Your growing family is pushing the limits of your lovely home.  You are fast running out of room and it’s way too much trouble to move.  This scenario is commonplace in metro Washington DC and our nearby Maryland suburbs due to the abundance of older, modest sized homes.

Home additions are the go to solution.  Unfortunately, this familiar solution can create another problem.  When you increase the size of your house, you are going to see a relative increase in your heating, cooling and lighting costs.  Abrams has a solution for that, too.  Using our net zero addition approach, we can increase square footage without significantly increasing energy consumption (the cost of heating, cooling and lighting the new space).


net zero eergy addition interior scene

Add to your home without adding to your monthly energy tab

What Is A Net Zero Energy Home Addition

The term comes from the net zero energy building concept.  This construction method faces head on the fact that buildings (residential and commercial) account for 40% of all energy use.  The goal is for a building to achieve zero energy consumption and zero carbon emissions annually.  It’s a lofty and forward looking goal that anticipates a post fossil fuel era.

In residential remodeling, the net zero energy home addition sets a less ambitious more achievable goal.  That is, to add space to an existing dwelling without increasing its net energy usage   The  program is similar to that of a passive house in that it relies on a super insulated building envelope, air sealing and strategically located windows and doors to effectively reduce the heating/cooling loads on the added space.

Why Net Zero Is A Worthwhile Investment

Energy costs go up and down–but they never go away, do they?  Going the extra yard to make your home addition a zero net addition means you are saving money every year after you complete your green remodeling project.

You could look at it as an investment in energy futures.  You pay for all the energy needed for your home up front at today’s price.  While operating costs for conventional homes continue to fluctuate yours will be fixed.

Abrams Design Build creates beautiful, custom designed additions, spaces that are comfortable and healthy, durable and energy efficient.  We are dedicated to permanent solutions through sustainable designs that last for the life of the home.

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