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Praise for Abrams Design Build

“I didn’t seek out the green to begin with, but I found the designer and he brought the green along with him and I’m glad he did.”

“The graciousness of the space, the placement of the windows, the way the walls and angles play off the light, and the beauty of the materials used in construction all contribute to making this the loveliest space I have ever lived in. And I get to wake up in it every morning, and go to sleep in it every night!”

“Alan, we love our house and we are so grateful to you for your considerable work on the project. I drink my coffee every morning looking out those big, wonderful windows and the experience stays with me all day long.”

“From the beginning, we felt that Alan really understood what we desired, and he and his team were able to translate that into a place for us to live in. Alan is a great listener, and he took the time to know us and what was important to us. He had wonderful ideas, was never afraid to make suggestions, and always paid careful attention to our reactions. The only surprise was how it exceeded our expectations when it came together.”

“I’m a bit of a broken record, and I know men tend to discount praise especially from women, but: the house is so handsome, beautiful in conception and execution, scale, detail, texture. Thanks a hundred times.”

“Just a short note of thanks and appreciation for your time, ideas, design, dry sense of humor, and easy-going working style. We realize how stressful this process could have been… working with you was delightfully easy…”