Arlington Virginia Green Remodeling and Three-Story Addition by Abrams Design Build

This project was a team approach with Abrams Design Build producing the design and Joseph Klockner & Co as general contractor.

Green Remodeling: The Proof Is In the Energy Efficiency Test Results

The countdown is on.  It’s seven days til move-in, as this Arlington, VA green remodeling and addition project nears completion.

This green remodeling includes a three story addition, with new master suite on the second floor, a mud room, breakfast room and family room on the main floor.  Plus, there is a rec room/spare bedroom on the basement level.  Oh yeah. There is also a remodeled kitchen, remodeled hall bath and  a portico to welcome the owners home.

 Proof of Energy Efficiency In Green Remodeling Shown In Results of Blower Door Test

Andy of Elysian Energy coaches Helen on blower door operation. The blower door tests and rates the energy efficiency of the construction.

How Green Is It?

Yesterday was a day for demonstrating just how green (in terms of energy efficiency) the project is.   The final blower door test was performed by Andy Corral of Elysian Energy.  The results were impressive;  the air leakage rate was reduced to one third of the original rate, prior to this massive construction project.

At the same time, Helen Reinecke-Wilt, the Arlington Green Home Choice program manager, performed her final inspection, and determined that the project was qualified for green certification.  Once all the paperwork is in, we’ll receive our actual score.

Unfortunately, it’s looking like the Green Home Choice program is on the budgetary chopping block–a victim of sequestration.

Green Remodeling: It’s Green When the Numbers Say It’s Green

I’ll be posting final results of the energy auditing as soon as it is compiled, and will be tracking utility usage over the next year, to see if the performance of the remodeled and expanded house is as good as it was predicted.  Stay tuned!

Passive House under construction in Derwood, MD

As winter closes in, work continues on this Passive House project.  The Intus triple glazed doors and tilt-turn windows are due to be delivered next week.  When they are installed, we can perform a preliminary blower door test, to see how close we are to the mythic air tightness requirement  of 0.6 ACH.

In the mean time, the duct system has already been installed, with dual distribution systems for tempered air, and for fresh air supply and exhaust.  As soon as the building is closed in, other rough-in work will continue.