Tar Pit #3

 as vile as the proposed pipeline–and the tar sand crude that it would carry–as vile as all that may be, to vilify the project is much like condemning a syringe maker because it might be used by a heroin addict.

the point is that each and every one of us, here in this wealthiest of counties, has an insatiable demand for energy–to heat, cool, and illuminate our bloated and inefficient homes and buildings, to fuel our bloated and inefficient vehicles, to power these very computers by which we are communicating.

we refuse to consider negative incentives–like a carbon tax–to moderate our consumption–or at least raise awareness of that consumption. we fight modest regulation to build better homes, better vehicles, better power generation.

we are all complicit, us and the extractors, the transporters, the refiners, the generators. but it is really us–we, the demand side–that is driving Keystone.