Passive house masonry crew reinforces foundation walls

One of the most gratifying moments in the course of any project–whether for a new home or an addition–is that point when the foundation is in place. The design has long been completed, and has been finally approved by Montgomery County. The Passive House analysis and design features have been precertified by PHIUS. The bank has appraised the project, and issued the construction loan. All that hard work and anxiety is over.

Most importantly, the retrograde motion of digging into the earth is reversed–progress is now upward! All the risks of excavation–will we hit rock, or bottomless muck; will we get caught in a summer gully washer that fills the hole with water and mud–all that is over. Now there is something permanent we can see and touch.

Passive House masonry crew sets anchor bolts in wet concrete Passive House plumbing contractors on site of new passive home Passive House construction breaks ground in Maryland 9 inch foam panels insulate foundation slab of Passive House